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Monday, January 25, 2010

It all happened one winter's day ..

It was cold, very cold. The rain drenched our hanging laundry and the thunder scared the living pooh out of the possum, we drank warm coco with marshmallows and ate some of mama bear's homemade cookies.

What finally warmed our hearts (besides the camp fire we built in the middle of our lair) were the enthusiastic responses to our Purple promotion campaign from our Craftomania community. We met new friends and discovered many new favorite sellers and items in gorgeous purple!

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much your support is important to us and yourselves in order to maintain and increase our ever growing Craftomanians community. Keep in mind that more members in our community mean more exposure to your items and more friends in your network. And as we all know..It's all about connections.

If you haven’t already downloaded the Craftomania toolbar.. You should seek professional help! J Unfortunately, there are no handmade Psychiatrists at Etsy.. So just download and save yourself the years in future therapy talking about all the great promotions and tools you've missed.

They said it will rain tomorrow as well.. And there are a lot of cold sellers out there that don't know about our community.. They deserve more J

Help us spread the love and the warmth..

- Assembling a treasury?

Convo your featured sellers and tell them about Craftomania toolbar..

- Own a BLOG?

Make sure to tell us about it so that we can add you to our Blogs button, and make sure to tell your followers about our community – more members mean more exposure to your blog. Comment or contact us at our blog or email us at craftomaniaTools@gmail.com .

- Made a new seller friend? Make sure he/she joins our community.

- Stay in touch through our blog and give us your feedback on the toolbar, suggest new features, gadgets and tools. We always strive to make our toolbar better, stronger and sexier.

- Register to our Facebook group and tell your friends there about our community.

- Twit your friends, make a t-Shirt, shout it from your roof top and let the world know Craftomania rules!

My weather- groundhog friend, Phil, said we're gonna have at least six more weeks of winter.. So let us all keep it warm and cozy..

Show your support here !


The Craftomania Tools Team

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