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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How do people know about you?

You are making your lovely handmade products, and you set your online store. Great!
First of all you have to make sure your products are of top quality, than take good photos (with day-light, soft background and a few angles), make sure your store looks nice and is user friendly.

What's next? How do people know about you? How do you move your items from the shelf to buyers?
read more here.
If you have more ideas please comment them on the thread.


Craftomania Spring Treasuries

We love spring time!
Show your support for Craftomania treasuries, don't forget to scream and tell all your friends!

You can also make your own Craftomania treasury and we will post it on Craftomania toolbar, just send it to our email: Craftomaniatools@gmail.com


Sunday, March 28, 2010

FREE PROMOTION for your favorite BLUE item!

Spring is near! We can feel it! It's coming! (I guess that's why blue got most of the votes)
Sellers that will comment in our forum post  with a BLUE item that says spring, Ocean, and FUN will be promoted free with our menu button that links directly to the item from the toolbar, and will be featured in our Treasuries!

Don't forget to Scream about this promotion!!! :)
Go ahead Craftomanians!
Let's get springy!
Feedbacks are welcome, keep it Fun!
The Craftomania Tools Team

Friday, March 26, 2010

Craftomania I-Scream is on the front page!

Craftomania I-Scream is on the front page!
screaming does help....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Did you know about Craftomania Treasury Time?

Craftomania Treasury Time is the time when our members come together and support each other's craft.  As a member of Craftomania Tools Team, you should visit your Treasury button for changes daily (refresh if needed) and see if your item is featured on one of the featured treasuries, and more importantly, show your support for your team mates who are featured – remember, it could be you tomorrow!  Don't just comment; Twit, share, blog and scream as loud as you can, so that your community will want to do the same for you when the time comes..

Also, as a member of Craftomania Tools Team you can submit your Treasury, and If your treasury is chosen then it will be posted on the Toolbar (under Treasury button), for ALL our community to see!

So what do I do?
1. Simple; using your Treasury button you can prepare a treasury (poster sketch), stalk it with the craftopolis    
    treasury clock, and snatch it with your direct link to the 2 Treasury pages (Main+West).
    When "sketching" PLEASE try to include:
             4-6 members of Your Craftomania Tools Team
             4-6 new Sellers which you'll be glad to introduce to our Team.

2. Edit the "from" line in the treasury to say from "Craftomania Tools Team" and the URL to

3. Now you can start the networking;
    Keeping with the spirit of the ancient possum write to your featured sellers with the following convo:

    It's Craftomania Treasury time :)

    I have one of your beautiful items on my treasury!

    Spread the word and click click click!
    **Paste you link to the treasury here**

    Join us at Craftomania Tools Team: www.craftomaniaTools.com
    You can also download Craftomania Toolbar, I'm sure you'll find it useful,
    It has all the links you need to run your ETSY store and many cool gadgets..


    **Your Name/shop Name**
    Craftomania Tools Team

*  As with the snippet and anything we ask, you can be creative and deviate from this template a bit, just keep it with the Craftomania Spirit ;D

4. Send this convo to our mail.

5. Scream about your treasury to the world, and watch your community respond!

Comments are welcome
Keep it fun!
Craftomania Tools Team


Sunday, March 21, 2010

I scream day!

We are happy to launch the first "I scream day"!

The idea is simple, we are all screaming different things on twitter and the chances are that most of it gets ignored. But if we all unite to tweet the same things we have more power in making a difference and being noticed by others!

So what you need to do is ; You scream- I scream- we all scream the same thing!
1. Go to our team's page and see the names of shops on the list, try to choose a few items from several shops and scream about them on your twitter with this added- #craftomania.
2. Then search for other results from #craftomania and re-tweet what others are tweeting, the more we tweet about each other the more we get heard.
( If you haven't joined our team yet, now is the time! )

And since we are from different places around the globe, while you are sleeping, someone else is twitting for you!

so lets get to it!

Example-  I scream- Beautiful__________by ________ -       URL       #craftomania #etsy

Please leave a comment at this forum thread we posted regarding the power of many joining together to help each other.

Don't forget to follow us on twitter, we promise to follow back :)


Friday, March 19, 2010

Craftomania helps you to find more friends

New websites I've found with interesting information about running a home business and about women's / crafty business. I hope you guys will find them useful. We try to encourage you to find more Crafty and artistic people like you. The more connections you make the stronger you get. It is hard to make it on your own, if you help others, they will help you.
1. This is a wonderful project called "What women make", it is all about women's creations, find it under the design button, under magazines.

2. This website offers business tips that you can use-

3. Total Art Soul is a community for artists which you can join, it's alway good to find friends on the web.

If you know about more useful websites please tell us!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An interview with Monster in the closet

Sarah May

Name of shop:  
monster in the closet

Explain the name of your shop:  
well, It kind of came about by accident.I had come up with a name but wasn’t totally sure of it…(I can’t really remember what the original name was now!)…so, I did a google search for a comparable word and in one of the descriptions was “monster in the closet” and it caught my attention.  The friend that I
was with saw it too and we both thought 
it sounded so cool.  I liked the fact that 
it reflected children and fun and silly…
what I wanted my company and products to display.  It went on from there and people always seem to remark or have a story when I reveal the name, I like that.  I also like that I am showing monsters in a fun, friendly way!

You can find me here-

When did you open your shop?  
February 2007

What is your Craft?  
Printmaking, Linoleum, Collage, Mixed Media….or anything I can craft!

How long have you been practicing it?   
I’ve been practicing craft since I can remember.  I can remember loving carving linoleum in elementary school as well as the smell of it when you heated it with the iron!!
I can also distinctly remember my very first set of rubber stamps…um, I still have them!  

 Monster in the closet Give-away!

Favorite materials to use?  
Linoleum, Ink, Gocco, Paper, Glue, Ribbon, Markers, Caran D’Ache water soluble crayons, colored pencils

Where do you get your Inspiration?  
I think from my childish mentality/humor and my love of children.  I love toys and children’s books and the colors and patters of children’s clothes. 
I worked in a toy store for many years.
I am constantly looking at colors and artwork and design.  My own children inspire me daily.  
My 4 ½ year old is full of awesome ideas! My mind races with ideas and creations yet to be made.
I love art history as well as pop culture.  I
think I tend to let the pencil and linoleum cutter do the rest.

Top 5 favorite sellers on Etsy? 
StrawberryLuna  -  her illustrations are so fun!!!  And she has done posters for such awesome musicians!!!
FinleyandOliver  - such fun fun shirts!! i have one for me and for each of my kiddos!!!
ParksideHarmony  -  have you seen these amazing books?!
AnnaCote (modern printed matter)  -  fabulous, just fabulous.  Love her “printed matter”!!!
EnglishMuffinShop – oh man, I just adore her sweet sweet creations and love her blog!!!
comments from craftomania: This is how you spread the love, Yeah!
Top 5 favorite items on Etsy ?
Bowl MADE TO ORDER- these are beautiful fun bowls!
Block Printed Drum Pendant-   I adore this lamp shade!!!!!!
ALIEN MONSTER BEANIE- I totally have to buy this for my son!
Chipmunk Holding an Acorn Black Canvas Belt- I have this belt and wear it all the time!
It's Time to Hide- these are just the sweetest prints!!!!

What will you buy next on Etsy?
Any one (or all?!) of the above!!!!!!

What do you like most about Craftomania toolbar?  
I think what I like best is the availability of so many amazing tools and resources right there!   I have found so many websites and blogs that have given me such great ideas and tools.  I love the tool bar, plain and simple.
comments from craftomania: :%)

Your favorite color?
Impossible to choose. I love color.

Lefty or righty?  

Favorite Song?  
If Bono is singing it, I Love it.  My ipod is essential in my life….i love music and have such a variety of it.  Thank goodness for the ipod…I don’t have to cart a million CD’s and mixed tapes around anymore!!!
comments from craftomania: get into monster in the closet mood

Favorite Movie?  
Cinema Paradiso

Favorite Season?  
comments from craftomania: mmmm...Summer

Favorite Day of week?  

Favorites from my store-

What is your favorite piece of work?
This is a print I created for my Masters Degree Solo Show.  It’s hanging in my kitchen now.
comments from craftomania: outstanding !

Practice any Sports?  
Before I had children, I played soccer, lacrosse and golf quite a lot…I’ll get back to it someday.

Host any Pet peeves?  
Well, I have a list of words that I cannot stand!!!

What is your Dream vacation?
That’s a tough one!! I’d say a villa in Italy for a month or a month long stay on a beautiful tropical island…can I do both?!

First item sold?  When and what? ( can be both at Etsy and outside)
I actually don’t remember the specific person or shirt I sold…isn’t that awful?!  I just remember selling a bunch of shirts to people at work as they were seeing my work evolve.

What would you order for your last meal?
Nothing specific comes to mind immediately…I’m sure it would be some kind of carb-loaded meal…probably some kind of pasta.

Do you have a good business advice?
Of all things I’ve heard and read , the one thing that sticks out in my mind is “love your product.” I think that is so true, how can you whole heartedly sell something you don’t believe in or trust or have passion for.  I’d say another piece of advice that I try to follow, keep  things fresh…try new things, be open to new ideas, don’t settle on what you have done already.

What advice would you give to a new artist\ Seller?
Seeing as I’m fairly new to etsy, I don’t know if I should be answering this or receiving this but I guess I would have to say two things…1. Be patient and 2. Get your name out there.  I carry business cards with me everywhere and try to communicate with as many sources as my time allows.

What do you do to boost your sells on Etsy?
I’m still waiting!!  Ha ha ha!!!  I would LOVE to boost my sales…I guess both of the above are true for this one.  Specifically, I’ve been interacting with more blogs, participating in forums, convo-ing with other artists (this one is so fun because you meet so many great people!).  Any one have any advice for me now?!  :)

How to win monster in the closet's give-away:

  • Heart (favorite) monster in the closet and the give-away items.
  • Become a member of Craftomania Tools Team
  • Scream about this give-away ! (We'll be watching :) )
  • And lastly, comment here and tell us about your endeavors; brag with the links you posted (twitter/facebook/blog and so on..) and share your thoughts.

*All members who will help spread the word of Craftomania Toolbar will participate in the raffle; the winner will be chosen from the list of members comments below.(make sure to leave us your member name(shop at Etsy))
Ready. Set. Go!
You can get as involved and industrious as you feel like but here you can find some of the things you can do to get a head start & increase your chances significantly.

Craftomania Tools Team

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New websites on Craftomania Toolbar!

Hi There Craftomanians!
First of all we are opening a TEAM on Etsy so sign up to get in, and please spread the word about the team via any way you can, we are walking with t-shirts and signs in our hand telling everybody we know to join in to the team, but that's just us :)

So, Whats new? you ask?
here it comes-
1. Great new way to Promote your Crafts on Craft- Juice, you just need to sign in and upload your beautiful items. you can find the link under the Promote button.

2. Thank you Ash Grove for telling us about the spreadsheets, we are looking into how to upload it to the toolbar but you guys can read all about it at Ash Grove's wonderful blog.

3. A new tool on the useful tools menu- multiupload. it is very useful if you need to send someone else or yourself a big file.

4. This is a cool tool for twitter you can tweet pictures! a great possibility- witpic
you can find this link under Groups button.

5. we found a new group for you to join- Doyouetsy
you can find this link under ETSY's Groups menu under Groups button.

6. A very cool useful blog we found is smallerbox
great tips! you can find it under S on the blogs list.

That's it for now!

Love CTT

Who is your hero?

It is only recently that I've discovered the real story of feminism. sadly, nobody teaches young girls about the mothers of feminism at school. when I read about all the amazing women that led the fight against discrimination, I cried. I was so moved from their courage and strength.
I'm talking about women like Betty Friedan, Bell hooks, Simon de Beauvoir.
But when I think of it my heroes are also my mother and grandmother and even my friends.
We are strong young women, we help each other and try to grow and make this world a better place.
Who is your hero?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Treasuries with extra girl power!


Show your support and comment! share with the world and make your own Craftomania treasuries!

It’s International Women's WEEK on Craftomania Toolbar*!!

Hello Craftomanians!

A new look for Craftomania (refresh if needed) for International Women's Day coming up on March 8th.

Tell us what you think!

Free promotion for your favorite PINK item here , Tell your friends!

Craftomania Tools Team

How to create your own website for free!

You can find many services online that helps you build your own website.
some are more simple, and some requires more knowledge.

1. WIX- http://www.wix.com/
On WIX you are able to create your Flash web-site.

2. Weebly- http://www.weebly.com/
Create a free website & blog.

3.Flavors- http://flavors.me/
This one is my favorite since it is very easy to navigate and it takes your information from other sites such as Flickr, Facebook, Youtube and most important ETSY store!
you can see our example here- http://flavors.me/noica#_
It helps you organize all your links in one place.

We organized the Tools button by categories, so refresh if needed to see the change.

you can find all of these links on our Toolbar under Tools!
Good luck!
if you made a website, and would like to share it, leave your URL on the comments!


Craftomania Tools Team


These are our newest treasuries.
The beautiful treasury on the left side was made by Baby-to-go,
You can read more about Baby-to-go here and even win a beautiful Give-away from her sweet store!
You can also make a treasury for Craftomania, just send the link to us and it might be featuring on the Treasury button.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Craftomania was on the Front page!

we choose our selections mainly from people who comment on our blog or forum posts, tweet about us or write about Craftomania on their blog. so spread the love and tell your friends about Craftomania! And you just might be the next one to get to the Front page :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

An Interview with this week's Give-away campaign seller Baby-to-go

Carmit Klein
Name of shop:
October 24th  1977 (32)
Location on the globe?
Are you married? Do you have any children?
Yes I'm married and I have two adorable daughters.
When did you open your shop?
December 2008
What is your Craft?
How long have you been practicing it?
Since I sewed my first dress doll at age 5 :)

 Baby-to-go Give-away

Sweet and Soft baby burp cloth Gift Set

*To win this see comments at the end.

Lefty or righty?
(Comments from Craftomania: Cool! :))
Favorite materials to work with?
Anything you can cut, sew, mold, reshape, paint etc..
Where/how do you get your Inspiration?
Most of my inspiration comes from fabric patterns or color. I also love getting my inspiration out of watching moms and babies and of course my two lovely girls Ariel & Renana.
First item sold?  When and what, share the story.. ( can be both at Etsy and outside)
The first item I sold was a set of 5 baby carriers, bought by a baby carrier instructor who loved them, saw the potential and bought them in order to sell on her own website.

Top 5 favorite sellers on Etsy?
Top 5 favorite items on Etsy (not yours)?

Pride and Joy

Copper horseshoe hoop earrings with personalization

Falling Leaves Digital Silhouette Print - 8x10


Robo-Bob a plush robot

What will you buy next on Etsy?

little repurposed leather clutch in olive and embossed brown

What advice would you give to a new artist Seller?
Don’t stop creating even though working on the computer is very time consuming.
Invest in friendships with other sellers, don’t keep knowledge for yourself always share it with others, enjoy it.
What is your favorite piece of work ? 

What do you like most about Craftomania toolbar?
There is a lot to love about Craftomania, but as for me I love the people who created it.
What would you add to Craftomania toolbar?
An Etsy team.
(Comments from Craftomania:
"We will put a Team on Etsy by the end of this month!  (Please imagine Kennedy's voice in your head :))
Dog person or cat person?
Definitely a dog person!
Got any Hobbies? 
My main hobby is my job. I love cooking, playing the guitar (something I definitely don’t do enough of).
Your favorite color?
Favorite Song?
Favorite Movie? 
Sound of music
(Comments from Craftomania: It's decided – We love you!)
Favorite Book? 
living loving & learning by Dr. Lio buskalia 
Favorite Season?
Favorite Day of week? 
Have any Pets?
Unfortunately no, would love to have my dog back to life…
(Comments from Craftomania: All dogs go to heaven.)
Favorite Scent? 
What is your Dream vacation?
Somewhere quiet and peaceful close to Mother Nature, vegetarian food, lots of time to read and spend some quality time with my family.I would also dream of a shopping spree vacation in New York or London.
Which curse word you abuse the most?
(Comments from the censor:  how did I miss that?)
What will God say to you when you meet him one day at the gates of Heaven?
Will not say a word! 
Just give me a worm, long and comforting hug.
Play a musical instrument? 
What are you addicted to?
Favorite beverage? 
Have any Tattoos (pics welcome)? 
Like to sing?
Loooooove to sing!!!
Turn offs? 
People coughing on you/bumping into you. Dirt.
(Comments from Craftomania: gesundheit !)
What would you do with a million dollars?
Pay my mortgage, invest in my husband business (physiotherapy clinic), redecorate my kitchen, buy a new car, build a studio for myself, visit my friends around the glob, take my parents out for a fancy  dinner and buy a lottery card (maybe I'll win another million dollars :D ).

How to win Baby-to-go's give-away:
*All members who will help spread the word of Craftomania Toolbar will participate in the raffle; the winner will be chosen from the list of comments below.
Ready. Set. Go!
 You can get as involved and industrious as you feel like but here are some of the things you can do to get a head start & increase your chances:

  • Heart(favorite) baby-to-go and the give-away item.
  • Become a Follower of Craftomania Tools.
  • Subscribe to Craftomania tools via RSS.
  • Bring a new friend to our community.
  • Tweet about Craftomania Toolbar; share this campaign with your friends.
  • Follow Craftomania on Twitter.
  • Become a member of our group on Facebook.
  • Share this and other Craftomania campaigns on Facebook.
  • Own a blog?
    •  Post about this campaign and/or others form Craftomania.
    •  Post our banner.
    • Add Craftomania Tools to your blog's lists.
  • Participate in our Etsy's forum discussions:This is one of them: A tool to help you manage your store
  • And lastly, comment here and tell us about your endeavors; brag with the links you posted (twitter/facebook/blog and so on..) and share your thoughts.

The bear answers your questions: Refreshing your Toolbar!

Did you know?
Your Craftomania Toolbar is automatically updated with new content, blogs, tools, promotions and more.
Each time we publish new content, some members (not always the same members) may receive the changes in a manner of minutes, and some in a manner hours. So, if you're anxious to get the latest content and don't want to wait just..

Refresh your toolbar:
Press the drop-down arrow button next to the Craftomania logo, and choose "refresh toolbar". That's it :)

Craftomania Toolbar's Treasuries

It's Craftomania Treasury time!

We assembled some items from our new and old members:
(You can also see them on your treasury button, refresh if needed )


Click and Comment to show your support for your community members , tomorrow it could be you ! :)

You can make treasuries for our community as well! include friends of Craftomania and send us the link and your treasury just might show up on the treasury button!


Craftomania Tools Team