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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who is your hero?

It is only recently that I've discovered the real story of feminism. sadly, nobody teaches young girls about the mothers of feminism at school. when I read about all the amazing women that led the fight against discrimination, I cried. I was so moved from their courage and strength.
I'm talking about women like Betty Friedan, Bell hooks, Simon de Beauvoir.
But when I think of it my heroes are also my mother and grandmother and even my friends.
We are strong young women, we help each other and try to grow and make this world a better place.
Who is your hero?


  1. I just lost my comment :/

    So I wrote that my feminine heroes have no name but it is the kind of women I paint to celebrate feminity and its strength. I admire women who stay true to themselves, go through their lives with courage, dignity and stregth! These words make me think of my grandmother who had some really hard times in her life!

  2. Thank you for sharing Sabbio, Your paintings are beautiful!