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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New websites on Craftomania Toolbar!

Hi There Craftomanians!
First of all we are opening a TEAM on Etsy so sign up to get in, and please spread the word about the team via any way you can, we are walking with t-shirts and signs in our hand telling everybody we know to join in to the team, but that's just us :)

So, Whats new? you ask?
here it comes-
1. Great new way to Promote your Crafts on Craft- Juice, you just need to sign in and upload your beautiful items. you can find the link under the Promote button.

2. Thank you Ash Grove for telling us about the spreadsheets, we are looking into how to upload it to the toolbar but you guys can read all about it at Ash Grove's wonderful blog.

3. A new tool on the useful tools menu- multiupload. it is very useful if you need to send someone else or yourself a big file.

4. This is a cool tool for twitter you can tweet pictures! a great possibility- witpic
you can find this link under Groups button.

5. we found a new group for you to join- Doyouetsy
you can find this link under ETSY's Groups menu under Groups button.

6. A very cool useful blog we found is smallerbox
great tips! you can find it under S on the blogs list.

That's it for now!

Love CTT


  1. I don't see the Craftjuice but can't say how great the bar is :)

  2. No problem, guys. Anything to help my fellow Craftomanians. :)

  3. Sabbio, you can refresh the toolbar-

  4. How do I sign up for the team???

  5. sign up for the tem here- http://craftomaniatools.blogspot.com/p/join-craftomania-tools-team.html

  6. hello!!!!!
    you've been nominated and won the Sunshine Blog Award for your blog and your selfless act in promoting others.
    Please see my post at

  7. i am definitely looking into all of the above!! thank you for all your work on this!! it's AWESOME!!!!

  8. Thanks for adding craftjuice :)