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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Did you know about Craftomania Treasury Time?

Craftomania Treasury Time is the time when our members come together and support each other's craft.  As a member of Craftomania Tools Team, you should visit your Treasury button for changes daily (refresh if needed) and see if your item is featured on one of the featured treasuries, and more importantly, show your support for your team mates who are featured – remember, it could be you tomorrow!  Don't just comment; Twit, share, blog and scream as loud as you can, so that your community will want to do the same for you when the time comes..

Also, as a member of Craftomania Tools Team you can submit your Treasury, and If your treasury is chosen then it will be posted on the Toolbar (under Treasury button), for ALL our community to see!

So what do I do?
1. Simple; using your Treasury button you can prepare a treasury (poster sketch), stalk it with the craftopolis    
    treasury clock, and snatch it with your direct link to the 2 Treasury pages (Main+West).
    When "sketching" PLEASE try to include:
             4-6 members of Your Craftomania Tools Team
             4-6 new Sellers which you'll be glad to introduce to our Team.

2. Edit the "from" line in the treasury to say from "Craftomania Tools Team" and the URL to

3. Now you can start the networking;
    Keeping with the spirit of the ancient possum write to your featured sellers with the following convo:

    It's Craftomania Treasury time :)

    I have one of your beautiful items on my treasury!

    Spread the word and click click click!
    **Paste you link to the treasury here**

    Join us at Craftomania Tools Team: www.craftomaniaTools.com
    You can also download Craftomania Toolbar, I'm sure you'll find it useful,
    It has all the links you need to run your ETSY store and many cool gadgets..


    **Your Name/shop Name**
    Craftomania Tools Team

*  As with the snippet and anything we ask, you can be creative and deviate from this template a bit, just keep it with the Craftomania Spirit ;D

4. Send this convo to our mail.

5. Scream about your treasury to the world, and watch your community respond!

Comments are welcome
Keep it fun!
Craftomania Tools Team



  1. Hi.
    Is there a list with all the members and links to their shops so I can use fr my treasuries?

  2. Hi galorit

    for now please use the members requests from the join our Team page. (in the Table before the comments)

    Will be posting a complete list soon. promise!:)


  3. I'm here screaming for being included! Many thanks and I have spread the word about the treasuries all over the place too!

  4. Thanks for including my sterling silver black onyx pendant in the treasury! I have spread the word...Twitter, Facebook, and friends!

  5. This is all new to me but I'm trying hard to learn what to do

  6. Shout out! Just logged in to Etsy to see Vintage BearLair's Craftomania Treasury on Etsy's front page!!!!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS to Craftomania and all the wonderful crafters included:o)

  7. I have just made a new treasury.. not sure how to upload it here!!


  8. I love new york and i made a treasury for this beautiful town

  9. I just made a new treasury for all the orange I could find ck it out. http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4bff0e22cd968eefaa3d61f2/orange-beauties

  10. Check out this treasury I made on Treasury ttp://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=133206
    It is for you great Craftomania Team members@

  11. ck out my new treasury, I have put as many Craftomania Team members as possible http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=134019

  12. Western Round Up YeeHaa! Awsome treasury!http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=135397

  13. This is so exciting!
    My very 1st treasury :)

  14. This is my new craftomania treasury http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c3df09674216d917482ae38/craftomania-rocs-it-is-in-black-and
    It needs some craftomania love!

  15. Hello all ,

    visit to treasury


    My shop on etsy :


  16. Nights in White Satin

  17. Here is a treasury I made up of Craftomania members http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c8bb6ed3d4c8eef8bbb67ed/mean-green-go-craftomania?index=66

  18. Hi all , Please visit click, comment and share :D
    Thanks so much !

    Quick Pick !!