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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Craftomania Toolbar's Treasuries

It's Craftomania Treasury time!

We assembled some items from our new and old members:
(You can also see them on your treasury button, refresh if needed )


Click and Comment to show your support for your community members , tomorrow it could be you ! :)

You can make treasuries for our community as well! include friends of Craftomania and send us the link and your treasury just might show up on the treasury button!


Craftomania Tools Team

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello Craftomanians

We have many new friends on the Craftomania community, so welcome!

we have some new links to show you and a few updates-
1. Url shortener, last one under "Tools"- http://bit.ly/ 

2. We also added more links under Etsy--->your account. saves those clicks!

3. A lot of people are asking about Chrome browser so this is the answer regarding browsers-
Chrome doesn't offer toolbars yet, so no, you cant install Craftomania on it. We do support Safari,FireFox and IE. But the Safari version is younger and lacks certain features yet.
So - we suggest FireFox as a solution because its a gr8 browser.

4.We updated the Black & White Promotion, so go have a look :)

Have a wonderful Weekend!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Etsy Success!

we  made it to "Etsy Success"  again, as seen on this screen shoot.
our "A tool to help you manage your store" got in to "helpful forum threads from your fellow sellers" on the right. thank you Danielle  :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Craftomania 1000+ Celebrations!

Hooray! Hurrah! Haza!

Craftomania Toolbar is now installed on over 1000 user stations across the globe, and the numbers are rising with every hour.

This couldn't have happened without all of your help spreading the word of Craftomania toolbar to your friends, posting our banner at your blogs, commenting our forum posts, twitting and sharing on facebook etc..

As a thank you we pledge to keep innovating and make the Craftomania Toolbar the best tool for managing your shop on Etsy. Many new exciting features are coming soon..  Make sure to drop by once in a while to check for news and find new ways for promotion.

Keep spreading the word of Craftomania and let's celebrate 5000 users SOON!

Feedback are welcome, Keep it fun!

Craftomania Tools Team

Sunday, February 21, 2010

new Craftomania Toolbar's members Treasury

It's Craftomania Treasury time!

We assembled some items from our members for our new Theme Treasuries:
(You can also see them on your treasury button, refresh if needed )


Click and Comment to show your support for your community members , tomorrow it could be you ! :)

craftomania Tools team

Would you like to be on our next Treasury?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free give-away Campaign! Win the "Sylvan lace ring" by NuritDesign..

Hello Craftomanians!!

This time we have a very special treat for you:
a free give-away donated by our very own NuritDesign;
the "Sylvan lace ring" will be raffled
amongst all our members who will participate
in our "a friend brings friends" campaign.

What do I need to do in order to participate?
Glad you asked :) the answer is quite simple..

All members who will help spread the word of Craftomania Toolbar will participate in the raffle; the chances of winning will be based on their efforts and impact (by a simple calculation based on points). The winner will be raffled from the list of comments below, and declared on March 1st.

Ready. Set . Go!

You can get as involved and industrious as you feel like; being a member of the Craftomania Tools community already qualifies you to participate in the raffle, but the more you get involved and score points – the better your chances to win.

Here are some of the things you can do to get a head start & increase your chances:

1. Become a Follower of Craftomania Tools. (1 point)
2. Subscribe to Craftomania tools via RSS. (1 point)
3. Use the "Tell a friend button", or email, or Etsy convo to spread the word of Craftomania; tell your friends to contact us with their feedback and mention your name.(5 points for each friend who installed the toolbar)
4. Tweet about Craftomania Toolbar; share this campaign with your friends. Or even re-Tweet your favorite Craftomania tweets.(2 points per twit)
5. Follow Craftomania on Twitter. (1 point)
6. Become a member of our group on Facebook. (1 point)
7. Share this and other Craftomania campaigns on Facebook. .(2 points per share)
8. Own a blog?
    a. Post about this campaign and/or others form Craftomania.(5 points)
    b. Post our banner (some of our new best friends already did that :)) .(10 points)
    c. Add Craftomania Tools to your blog's lists .(5 points)
9. Participate in our Etsy's forum discussions. (1 point)

10. And lastly, comment here and tell us about your endeavors; brag with the links you posted (twitter/facebook/blog and so on..) and share your thoughts.

Welcome to all our new friends,
And as always: Keep it FUN!!    :-D
Craftomania Tools Team

with special thanks for Nurit for donating her ring..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We appreciate your donations!

Your heart warming donation will be added to our Jar!

We, at The Craftomania Tools Team work hard to make our Toolbar the best tool for Etsy management and a source for anything Etsy. Your donation is highly appreciated and we are grateful for your assistance..


Craftomania Tools Team

Monday, February 15, 2010

Craftomania Toolbar reviews

This is some of what our community members had to say about Craftomania Toolbar:


TheAshGrove TheAshGrove
This is what I really love about the toolbar. It offers such a wealth of resources to explore—promotional opportunities, social networks, and more tools than you can shake a stick at. And when you find yourself using a particular resource all the time, you have a handy link right there. All you have to do is click. (for more reading go to her blog).

 amyholtondesigns amyholtondesigns
Click through and check out the Craftomania Blog!  It's full of lots of free tools and resources for us Etsy folks assembled by the lovely Craftomania team.(for more reading go to her blog).

Shop owners

kathcojewellery kathcojewellery says:Thank you, thank you,thank you!. I downloaded it and I Love it, now I can get around Etsy quickly. This toolbar has so much I didn't know existed & I love the treasury clock I've been trying to get a treasury for months, now I can get my timing right and not be up at all hours of the night ,still not getting one and going to work disappointed and so tired.
Thanks Again
Kathleen :=)

HandmadeByAnnabelle says:
Thank you so much for creating the Craftomania toolbar! I use it constantly and enjoy getting the updates.

Simag says:
I L O V E the tool bar!!!

I use it everyday :) it is very helpful,i do not have to search for all my favorites,just one little click and i have it.

Thank You:)
lillipopsdesigns says:
Genius! Maybe now I can clean up my 500+ bookmarks. I follow shiny things down the blog trail and it seems like I bookmark 10-20 new sites a day. Thanks for sharing!

OpusMuse says:
The toolbar is a very clever innovation! I've tried it and never knew what I would do without it now ;)

VintageSociety says:
This toolbar is the best! it saves me so much time!
thanks for all you do!

babytogo says:
This tool bar is so great!
I love how it Organize all the important platform and helps with running your store!
Thank You Craftomania:)
SweetandSassyCards says:
Downloaded. So much to do. Thanks for all the work you put into this. This seems to be exactly what a noobie needs.

antithesis says:
Downloaded it and LOVE IT. My days just got 1000x more organised. Thank you! :D

shamarjewels says:
WOW, thank you. I felt like I was swimming in quicksand. So much, so little time, not always understood and complete disorganization. Thank you, Thank you. Going to try it now!

AnzoomalsPetStuff says:
Ahhhhhh! A dream come true. My bookmarks and favourites tab was getting reaaaaaaally long. Off to try this cool tool out - thanx!!


IrelandsEye says:
Terrific..if you had a section for Promotions of the month or eg...Valentines/mothers day..pls see where I have Just LISTED my Current promotion on your other forum...re Free Vintage Ladies hats...on page. 17..ref...--bearlair...adore your craftomania...Brenda
PlayingWithFiber says:
Just download and installed it - very easy & smooth (firefox). Now to explore and figure out how it all works. :-)

Thanks so much for sharing :-)

bluecreekhome says:
I had no idea that this existed until The Vintage Bear Lair sent me the link!! Thanks VBL!

I am just starting to play with it and I'm already lovin' it!
Thanks much!

PlayingWithFiber says:
I'm hooked. I downloaded it yesterday and it helped me snag a treasury today! It's SO easy to keep track of stuff with it.

With the craftomania toolbar and etsy hacks I am SO on top of stuff! Uh huh...uh huh!! :-) 

LizAnnasOnTheLake says:
This looks so interesting. Before Etsy I spent about an hour a week home time on the computer. And now...yikes! Any tool that organizes my time better is welcome.

Thank you friends, and stay tuned.. more is coming!
Craftomania Tools Team

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What are you doing today?

Hi Craftomanians!
What are you planing for today?

We are going to one of our best friend's wedding, so much fun :)

Hope you'll have a great day with your loved ones!

Craftomania tools team

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcoming new Craftomanians ! The bear answers your questions

Hello Craftomanians!

We have many new friends aboard, some from the Treasury, which was an FP (YeY!), and many form the Etsy's forum, which was included in "Etsy Success" mail ( double "YeY!").

There were a lot of questions asked so let's get going with some answers:

1. So what does it do?

Craftomania Toolbar is more than a links index. It has many capabilities, gadgets and components, and they are all auto updated; meaning that the potential is endless for new innovations and ideas.
For instance, we are now working on a floating gadget that will let you know your shop hearts. Later we'll be adding one for item hearts and so on.. Until the Toolbar will basically be your control panel for Etsy missions.
Another upgrade we're working on, since it was asked by many, is on the next question…(2)

We will be issuing a post later on with all the components the toolbar currently has to offer like: Email notifier (get instant alert that you have mail from Etsy or anywhere), Radio (just plain cool!), weather forecast, and so on. Play with your toolbar options for a bit (down arrow next to the Craftomania logo), and have fun!

2. Is there a way I can put the Blogs that I want to follow under the blog icon?

This option will be available later on, it's kind of a technology challenge, which we're more than happy to face, but it will take some time..
In the mean time, please feel free to send us your favorite blogs and we'll do what we can to include them in our community. We love finding new blogs, so keep it coming..
Mail to: CraftomaniaTools@gmail.com

3. Before I download...does it benefit me as a vintage seller on Etsy?

The Craftomania toolbar is an equal opportunity community :) , everybody benefits! Vintage and Handmade.

4. The buttons/icons don't look well when I use a browser theme..

With the upcoming .PNG icons, this will not be a problem anymore. We are in the process of replacing the buttons/icons to a transparent image file (.png), which means the icons will look smoother and clearer, even while using a browser theme.

5. Safari crashes or freezes when toolbar is installed.

This, of course, should not happen. The Safari support is relatively new, compared with Firefox and IE, which have more features and components available, and are more stable versions. Meanwhile, we are doing our best to get an ETA for the Safari fix, and we will post later when it is fixed.
We hope FF can serve for the meantime, it's a good browser.. But we respect your tech habits.. ;)

If you have any more questions please comment here and we'll do our best to answer.

Welcome ALL and Happy V-day!
Feel free to extend an invitation to all your Etsy friends.. 
Bear from The Craftomania Tools Team

Friday, February 12, 2010

Greetings new friends

We had some very busy days here at the Craftomania headquarters. Nights turned into days and days turned into nights.. Possum thought she moved to New York and had a jet lag from all the weird hours she was now sleeping at. The bear is more of a night creature, so he was just happy that the possum kept him company working under the moon light.
but the long nights were not in vain. we have so many new friends joining our community these days! so keep an eye on that blog list it will get thicker soon.
we also made it to "Etsy Success" as seen on this screen shoot.
our "A tool to help you manage your store" got in to "helpful forum threads from your fellow sellers" on the right. thank you Danielle  :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A new banner for Craftomania toolbar by honeysuckledesigns

This beautiful banner was made for Craftomania users by our friend Charlene from honeysuckledesigns, which is a beautiful store for unique digital goods.

You can download it and add it to your blog as part of the Craftomania campaign!

Thank you Charlene!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two new features on Craftomania toolbar

Hello friends,
we have 2 new features on the toolbar:
1. Tell a friend: you can now share the toolbar with your friends at Etsy, click on the ETSY button and than on the "Share Craftomania toolbar with your friends" tab. it will bring you to a page where you can fill in the details and send.
see this screen shot:

2. Your Etsy: we added all the links from "your Etsy" to this menu. No more will we aimlessly navigate between the "Your Etsy" TABS. Just use the link you need then close if you wish.
see this screen shot:

If you don't see the new features on your toolbar yet, you can refresh your toolbar as explained here, or just wait a couple of hours and let nature take its course .
Click on the screen shot to enlarge it.

Show you support by commenting with your feedback also here, Thanks!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Craftomania tools had a busy night

We were working all day long and started to get really tired around 1am. Possum got a keyboard mark on her forehead from falling asleep on her laptop... the bear was walking in circles trying to stay up. and than just when we were about to go see a movie ("Up in the air", which was great by the way...) and go to sleep. our good friend Amy Holton sent us a convo saying Craftomania's Bloggers treasury is on the front page! YEY! we started dancing and jumping, the possum almost cried....

It happened right in the middle of our "A tool to help you manage your store" post on the forum.
so much was happening all at once!

A new tool had been added to the toolbar- tools4etsy as a result...

we want to say thank for all the help!

live long and possum :)

Monday, February 8, 2010


Our bloggers treasury made it to the front page!

The V-day promotion

The V-day promotion on the toolbar is still on until the 14th!

New on Craftomania toolbar

It is still very cold outside and we don't like it!
The Possum is more of a "summer possum", she likes blue skies and wearing skirts and flip-flaps.
The Bear is hibernating, he likes his winter sleep and its hard for him to stay up.
But we are here for you, adding new features and cool tools:

1. So here is a new site on the Tools button: Craft Count .Where you can keep tracking of Etsy top sellers.

2. We are making beautiful treasuries to promote our bloggers creations, you can see Craftomania treasuries under the treasury button. Drop us a comment, you might be on our next treasury.

3. Refresh your Toolbar! you can refresh for updates here- follow the screen shot.

This is it for today :)

stay warm!

Craftomania tools team

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Post our Banner

Would you like to increase your blog's Google rating?
Do it by linking to our blog from yours. We have assembled some html/java banners and images you can post on your blog with a link to http://www.craftomaniatools.com/ . Each blogger who'll post a link will be added to our blogs list on this site, and of course, will remain on our "Blogs" menu button on the Craftomania Toolbar for as long as that link exist! Remember that Craftomania Toolbar will never ask you to pay for anything, it will remain Free as long as the revolution is Alive! :)
You can choose from here (right click and save to..) :

Whats on Craftomania Toolbar?

To download go to-

What's new?

Good morning Craftomanians!
We would like to share with our community a few great new links, tips etc.. we gathered lately.

1.socialmention is a great tool, we stayed up all night playing with it! typing in names and brands... we discovered for example that Noica's "Magic doll" animation was posted on blogs we don't even know about :) Thank you CakeBallers for sharing this great tool with us! you can find it under
"Tools" on your Craftomania toolbar.

2.We made some changes, we have an improved "Design" button on the toolbar. it has websites and magazines you craftomanians can surly enjoy! so go ahead and click it :) we are adding to it new sites all the time.

3. If you are looking for 10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips.
These are great tips, especially for a new Etsy seller. we found them on
akanedesigns blog.

dont forget you can always contact us to let us know about cool tools, websites or blogs you find, or just send us an email to tell us a joke or ask how are we doing....



Monday, February 1, 2010

Its V-Day week at Craftomania Toolbar!!

Sellers that will comment with a Valentine's Day Gift item that will make us fall in love will be promoted free with our menu button that links directly to the item from the toolbar, Starting Now, for a week.

Go ahead, Craftomanians! Be our Valentines :)
Feedbacks are very welcome, keep it Fun!

To submit your item go to-
I Love to Love

The Craftomania Tools Team