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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Craftomania tools had a busy night

We were working all day long and started to get really tired around 1am. Possum got a keyboard mark on her forehead from falling asleep on her laptop... the bear was walking in circles trying to stay up. and than just when we were about to go see a movie ("Up in the air", which was great by the way...) and go to sleep. our good friend Amy Holton sent us a convo saying Craftomania's Bloggers treasury is on the front page! YEY! we started dancing and jumping, the possum almost cried....

It happened right in the middle of our "A tool to help you manage your store" post on the forum.
so much was happening all at once!

A new tool had been added to the toolbar- tools4etsy as a result...

we want to say thank for all the help!

live long and possum :)


  1. I'm so glad I was the bearer of good news and brightened your night! It was fun :)