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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcoming new Craftomanians ! The bear answers your questions

Hello Craftomanians!

We have many new friends aboard, some from the Treasury, which was an FP (YeY!), and many form the Etsy's forum, which was included in "Etsy Success" mail ( double "YeY!").

There were a lot of questions asked so let's get going with some answers:

1. So what does it do?

Craftomania Toolbar is more than a links index. It has many capabilities, gadgets and components, and they are all auto updated; meaning that the potential is endless for new innovations and ideas.
For instance, we are now working on a floating gadget that will let you know your shop hearts. Later we'll be adding one for item hearts and so on.. Until the Toolbar will basically be your control panel for Etsy missions.
Another upgrade we're working on, since it was asked by many, is on the next question…(2)

We will be issuing a post later on with all the components the toolbar currently has to offer like: Email notifier (get instant alert that you have mail from Etsy or anywhere), Radio (just plain cool!), weather forecast, and so on. Play with your toolbar options for a bit (down arrow next to the Craftomania logo), and have fun!

2. Is there a way I can put the Blogs that I want to follow under the blog icon?

This option will be available later on, it's kind of a technology challenge, which we're more than happy to face, but it will take some time..
In the mean time, please feel free to send us your favorite blogs and we'll do what we can to include them in our community. We love finding new blogs, so keep it coming..
Mail to: CraftomaniaTools@gmail.com

3. Before I download...does it benefit me as a vintage seller on Etsy?

The Craftomania toolbar is an equal opportunity community :) , everybody benefits! Vintage and Handmade.

4. The buttons/icons don't look well when I use a browser theme..

With the upcoming .PNG icons, this will not be a problem anymore. We are in the process of replacing the buttons/icons to a transparent image file (.png), which means the icons will look smoother and clearer, even while using a browser theme.

5. Safari crashes or freezes when toolbar is installed.

This, of course, should not happen. The Safari support is relatively new, compared with Firefox and IE, which have more features and components available, and are more stable versions. Meanwhile, we are doing our best to get an ETA for the Safari fix, and we will post later when it is fixed.
We hope FF can serve for the meantime, it's a good browser.. But we respect your tech habits.. ;)

If you have any more questions please comment here and we'll do our best to answer.

Welcome ALL and Happy V-day!
Feel free to extend an invitation to all your Etsy friends.. 
Bear from The Craftomania Tools Team

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