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Friday, February 12, 2010

Greetings new friends

We had some very busy days here at the Craftomania headquarters. Nights turned into days and days turned into nights.. Possum thought she moved to New York and had a jet lag from all the weird hours she was now sleeping at. The bear is more of a night creature, so he was just happy that the possum kept him company working under the moon light.
but the long nights were not in vain. we have so many new friends joining our community these days! so keep an eye on that blog list it will get thicker soon.
we also made it to "Etsy Success" as seen on this screen shoot.
our "A tool to help you manage your store" got in to "helpful forum threads from your fellow sellers" on the right. thank you Danielle  :)


  1. Hooray!!! Congrats on "Etsy Success!" Well deserved...you guys work hard!

    Happy Valentine's Day!