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Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello Craftomanians

We have many new friends on the Craftomania community, so welcome!

we have some new links to show you and a few updates-
1. Url shortener, last one under "Tools"- http://bit.ly/ 

2. We also added more links under Etsy--->your account. saves those clicks!

3. A lot of people are asking about Chrome browser so this is the answer regarding browsers-
Chrome doesn't offer toolbars yet, so no, you cant install Craftomania on it. We do support Safari,FireFox and IE. But the Safari version is younger and lacks certain features yet.
So - we suggest FireFox as a solution because its a gr8 browser.

4.We updated the Black & White Promotion, so go have a look :)

Have a wonderful Weekend!


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