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Monday, February 15, 2010

Craftomania Toolbar reviews

This is some of what our community members had to say about Craftomania Toolbar:


TheAshGrove TheAshGrove
This is what I really love about the toolbar. It offers such a wealth of resources to explore—promotional opportunities, social networks, and more tools than you can shake a stick at. And when you find yourself using a particular resource all the time, you have a handy link right there. All you have to do is click. (for more reading go to her blog).

 amyholtondesigns amyholtondesigns
Click through and check out the Craftomania Blog!  It's full of lots of free tools and resources for us Etsy folks assembled by the lovely Craftomania team.(for more reading go to her blog).

Shop owners

kathcojewellery kathcojewellery says:Thank you, thank you,thank you!. I downloaded it and I Love it, now I can get around Etsy quickly. This toolbar has so much I didn't know existed & I love the treasury clock I've been trying to get a treasury for months, now I can get my timing right and not be up at all hours of the night ,still not getting one and going to work disappointed and so tired.
Thanks Again
Kathleen :=)

HandmadeByAnnabelle says:
Thank you so much for creating the Craftomania toolbar! I use it constantly and enjoy getting the updates.

Simag says:
I L O V E the tool bar!!!

I use it everyday :) it is very helpful,i do not have to search for all my favorites,just one little click and i have it.

Thank You:)
lillipopsdesigns says:
Genius! Maybe now I can clean up my 500+ bookmarks. I follow shiny things down the blog trail and it seems like I bookmark 10-20 new sites a day. Thanks for sharing!

OpusMuse says:
The toolbar is a very clever innovation! I've tried it and never knew what I would do without it now ;)

VintageSociety says:
This toolbar is the best! it saves me so much time!
thanks for all you do!

babytogo says:
This tool bar is so great!
I love how it Organize all the important platform and helps with running your store!
Thank You Craftomania:)
SweetandSassyCards says:
Downloaded. So much to do. Thanks for all the work you put into this. This seems to be exactly what a noobie needs.

antithesis says:
Downloaded it and LOVE IT. My days just got 1000x more organised. Thank you! :D

shamarjewels says:
WOW, thank you. I felt like I was swimming in quicksand. So much, so little time, not always understood and complete disorganization. Thank you, Thank you. Going to try it now!

AnzoomalsPetStuff says:
Ahhhhhh! A dream come true. My bookmarks and favourites tab was getting reaaaaaaally long. Off to try this cool tool out - thanx!!


IrelandsEye says:
Terrific..if you had a section for Promotions of the month or eg...Valentines/mothers day..pls see where I have Just LISTED my Current promotion on your other forum...re Free Vintage Ladies hats...on page. 17..ref...--bearlair...adore your craftomania...Brenda
PlayingWithFiber says:
Just download and installed it - very easy & smooth (firefox). Now to explore and figure out how it all works. :-)

Thanks so much for sharing :-)

bluecreekhome says:
I had no idea that this existed until The Vintage Bear Lair sent me the link!! Thanks VBL!

I am just starting to play with it and I'm already lovin' it!
Thanks much!

PlayingWithFiber says:
I'm hooked. I downloaded it yesterday and it helped me snag a treasury today! It's SO easy to keep track of stuff with it.

With the craftomania toolbar and etsy hacks I am SO on top of stuff! Uh huh...uh huh!! :-) 

LizAnnasOnTheLake says:
This looks so interesting. Before Etsy I spent about an hour a week home time on the computer. And now...yikes! Any tool that organizes my time better is welcome.

Thank you friends, and stay tuned.. more is coming!
Craftomania Tools Team


  1. This toolbar ROCKS!

    Saw this on a friend's blog and now I'm hooked! Thanks for all the hard work!

  2. Thanks to this fantastic toolbar and the treasury clock I finally snagged a treasury.To everyone involved in caring enough to put this toolbar together I just want to say "you are legends" :-) K

  3. This is absolutely SICK!!! I am hooked and I haven't even started playing with it yet - just ran over to facebook to share it with my 600 fans and now on to twitter!