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Monday, February 8, 2010

New on Craftomania toolbar

It is still very cold outside and we don't like it!
The Possum is more of a "summer possum", she likes blue skies and wearing skirts and flip-flaps.
The Bear is hibernating, he likes his winter sleep and its hard for him to stay up.
But we are here for you, adding new features and cool tools:

1. So here is a new site on the Tools button: Craft Count .Where you can keep tracking of Etsy top sellers.

2. We are making beautiful treasuries to promote our bloggers creations, you can see Craftomania treasuries under the treasury button. Drop us a comment, you might be on our next treasury.

3. Refresh your Toolbar! you can refresh for updates here- follow the screen shot.

This is it for today :)

stay warm!

Craftomania tools team

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