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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We want you!

Hello Dear Craftomanians!
Our crafty community loves making treasuries, we want to make it easy to find you as a member of our community so we can all make treasuries with members of Craftomania.
so what you have to do is easy-
please make a few of your items tags- craftomania.
so whenever a craftomanian is making a treasury she can just type craftomania on the search box and find all of us :)

There are many member who are already doing so and it has been very helpful for us!

Go Craftomania!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Go East with Craftomania! comment here with your Craftomania east!

marymary says:
Hi there,

We've been excited to see the many incredible and diverse collections being created in Treasury East (beta):


As Sean mentioned earlier, we will be using Treasury East (beta) to promote community collections to Etsy's home page, which will soon be wide like Treasury East. And this coming Tuesday, April 27, from midnight to midnight EST, we will be hosting what we're calling "Treasury East Day." The entire day's home page features will consist of lists created in Treasury East.

Because the home page is not yet wide like Treasury East, the layout of Treasury East lists that make it to the home page on Tuesday will differ slightly when they get there. Once the home page goes wide, Treasury East lists will appear in the same format on the home page as they do in the Treasury.


Q. What is Treasury East?
A. The Treasury is an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery. You may create lists of items, and comment on other members' lists. Treasury East lists have no limits and no expiration. Beautiful, diverse lists may be featured on Etsy's home page. Learn more about the recent launch of Treasury East (beta) in this discussion thread: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6495412

Q. Does this mean lists from the main Treasury and Treasury West won't be featured on the home page any longer?
A. From midnight to midnight Tuesday, collections from the Treasury and Treasury West will not be featured on the home page. Treasury East will eventually replace both the main Treasury and Treasury West. But until that happens, home page lists will continue to be chosen from Treasury and Treasury West.

Q. How can I get involved?
A. All you'll need to do is make a collection of items in Treasury East for a chance to have it featured on Etsy's home page. If your goal in making a list is a shot at the home page, keep the following tips in mind:

* Fill all 16 spaces with active items that are for sale and use a different shop for each space.
* Select items with clear, crisp and visually stunning product photography.
* Choose items from a variety of different categories and price points.
* Shy away from using items from your own shop or shops, as the home page Treasury isn't intended for personal promotion.

Q. How many lists will be shown on the home page during Treasury East Day?
A. Typically there are 24 lists shown each day, one per hour. You may notice a slightly higher number and frequency of rotation on Treasury East Day.

Q. Which items are the alternates?
A. The bottom row of 4 items in your Treasury East collections are the alternates. As items sell from the home page, these items will rotate in.

Q. Why isn't every item in the Treasury list featured on the home page?
A. Only 12 of the 16 items in a list will be featured at any given time on the home page. If an item is sold, in vacation mode, expired, from the curator, an Admin shop, or a multiple from a shop already in the list, it will not appear in the home page feature. If the Treasury list is updated after the list has been scheduled to appear on the home page, the updated changes will not appear in the home page feature.

Q. Does a list's "hotness" ranking affect its chance of being featured on the home page?
A. No. Hotness has no bearing on a list's potential for being featured on the home page or other areas of the site.

Q. How will you choose lists to feature on the home page?
A. Staff will be actively browsing through Treasury East lists and promoting collections that are awe-inspiring. While we won't be able to feature every list, we'll certainly be looking through as many as we can for Treasury East Day.

Q. I see my item featured on the home page! What can I do to take best advantage?
A. Congrats! If you see your item featured on the home page, you may edit the item to increase your item quantity if you have multiples of your item. This will help your item remain featured on the home page until the entire stock of your items sells out or a new list is featured. Keep in mind not to edit the actual item or item photos; the item was selected for the home page because of its original format.

Thanks for your participation!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Treasury East

Hi Friends!
I'm back from Berlin! it was amazing, and if you'll ever get the chance to go you will have the best time! It was a fun surprise from my dear mom, and we were three on this trip: mom, deer and I.

the volcano didn't want us to leave so we had to stay for a couple more days, but that was OK, we just had to have more shopping :) I bought the most amazing design books!!! but there is no place like home and I'm so happy to be back to my home.

and now that I'm back I was so happy to see that Treasury East is on! we added the link to the toolbar so use it wisely :)

I'm in the process of renewing the look of Craftomania, so there will be many changes very soon.
And that's way I'm very busy working on the new design for the blog.

love you guys!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hi Craftomanians,
so I went on a vaction in Berlin and it is amazing !!

so much fun and beautiful places to see. but now I want to go back home and there are no flights because of the volcano... hopefully I will get back home tonight.

Love ya'
hope to get back to action soon

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Every woman knows this: "It takes a village… to raise a business"

Hello Craftomanians,

We have achieved critical mass!
Thanks to your continuing efforts and support our community has grown and our Team is ready to launch!

Soon we will be issuing our Team manifest and hold our first members meeting!
(We haven't decided on where to meet yet, the toolbar chat room, etsy's forum, or at our community network new site)

But, first things first: You all need to meet and get to know each other, so we can work effectively as a Team. The best way to do it, we thought, is to get you away from all the noises of the city (Etsy/Twitter/facebook etc..), and gather in one suburban getaway which is ours; our own network, without any distractions, only Craftomanians, talking craft, Team work and world domination. :D

So let's get to it!

Craftomania members - join here!

Not already a Craftomania member? What are you waiting for? Join here! Then join up there:)

Some guidelines:
For now, only upload up to 10 pictures and 1 video per member.(PLEASE don't make us get administrative on you  ;-D )
The network is not a promotion site for now. The goal is to create a place where we all meet and talk Team without distractions. Create your page to best reflect you, your craft, personality, and Team roles. (For instance, assembling mesmerizing treasuries for your community, screaming like a tenor, and so on..If you haven't found your Role or niche yet - don't worry, you will soon enough.. )

You can always return to Craftomania community via your Toolbar:
Press Groups button -> Craftomania's groups -> Craftomania community.

As always
Feedbacks welcome
Keep it Fun!
Craftomania Tools Team

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Craftomania treasury time!


Craftomania Treasury Time is the time when our members come together and support each other's craft.  As a member of Craftomania Tools Team, you should visit your Treasury button for changes daily (refresh if needed) and see if your item is featured on one of the featured treasuries, and more importantly, show your support for your team mates who are featured – remember, it could be you tomorrow!  Don't just comment; Twit, share, blog and scream as loud as you can, so that your community will want to do the same for you when the time comes..

Also, as a member of Craftomania Tools Team you can submit your Treasury, and If your treasury is chosen then it will be posted on the Toolbar (under Treasury button), for ALL our community to see!

So what do I do?
1. Simple; using your Treasury button you can prepare a treasury (poster sketch), stalk it with the craftopolis    
    treasury clock, and snatch it with your direct link to the 2 Treasury pages (Main+West).
    When "sketching" PLEASE try to include:
             4-6 members of Your Craftomania Tools Team
             4-6 new Sellers which you'll be glad to introduce to our Team.

2. Edit the "from" line in the treasury to say from "Craftomania Tools Team" and the URL to

3. Now you can start the networking;
    Keeping with the spirit of the ancient possum write to your featured sellers with the following convo:

    It's Craftomania Treasury time :)

    I have one of your beautiful items on my treasury!

    Spread the word and click click click!
    **Paste you link to the treasury here**

    Join us at Craftomania Tools Team: www.craftomaniaTools.com
    You can also download Craftomania Toolbar, I'm sure you'll find it useful,
    It has all the links you need to run your ETSY store and many cool gadgets..


    **Your Name/shop Name**
    Craftomania Tools Team

*  As with the snippet and anything we ask, you can be creative and deviate from this template a bit, just keep it with the Craftomania Spirit ;D

4. Send this convo to our mail.

5. Scream about your treasury to the world, and watch your community respond!

Comments are welcome
Keep it fun!
Craftomania Tools Team

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I scream day

We love screaming on  "I scream day"!

we have some great screamers out there, we see them scream everyday and sometimes at night...

For new screamers, this is how it goes:

The idea is simple, we are all screaming different things on twitter and the chances are that most of it gets ignored. But if we all unite to tweet the same things, we have more power in making a difference and being noticed by others!

So what you need to do is ; You scream- I scream- we all scream the same thing!
1. Go to our members page and see the names of shops on the list, try to choose a few items from several shops and scream about them on your twitter with this added- #craftomania.
2. Then search for other results from #craftomania and re-tweet what others are tweeting, the more we tweet about each other the more we get heard.
( If you haven't joined our team yet, now is the time! join here)

And since we are from different places around the globe, while you are sleeping, someone else is twitting for you!

so lets get to it!

Example- " I scream- Beautiful__________by __________ +  URL       #craftomania  #etsy "

Please leave a comment at this forum thread we posted regarding the power of many joining together to help each other.

Don't forget to follow us on twitter, we promise to follow back :)



Collecting Tips

Hi friends,
We are collecting sellers tips to make the best seller's tips book ever!
so lets do this together and each will give some of his insights for crafting and selling online.

please comment here with yours..