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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Every woman knows this: "It takes a village… to raise a business"

Hello Craftomanians,

We have achieved critical mass!
Thanks to your continuing efforts and support our community has grown and our Team is ready to launch!

Soon we will be issuing our Team manifest and hold our first members meeting!
(We haven't decided on where to meet yet, the toolbar chat room, etsy's forum, or at our community network new site)

But, first things first: You all need to meet and get to know each other, so we can work effectively as a Team. The best way to do it, we thought, is to get you away from all the noises of the city (Etsy/Twitter/facebook etc..), and gather in one suburban getaway which is ours; our own network, without any distractions, only Craftomanians, talking craft, Team work and world domination. :D

So let's get to it!

Craftomania members - join here!

Not already a Craftomania member? What are you waiting for? Join here! Then join up there:)

Some guidelines:
For now, only upload up to 10 pictures and 1 video per member.(PLEASE don't make us get administrative on you  ;-D )
The network is not a promotion site for now. The goal is to create a place where we all meet and talk Team without distractions. Create your page to best reflect you, your craft, personality, and Team roles. (For instance, assembling mesmerizing treasuries for your community, screaming like a tenor, and so on..If you haven't found your Role or niche yet - don't worry, you will soon enough.. )

You can always return to Craftomania community via your Toolbar:
Press Groups button -> Craftomania's groups -> Craftomania community.

As always
Feedbacks welcome
Keep it Fun!
Craftomania Tools Team


  1. Thank you for all you are doing!
    "go Craftomania, go" :)

  2. So exciting 'Rock on my fellow members"