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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I scream day

We love screaming on  "I scream day"!

we have some great screamers out there, we see them scream everyday and sometimes at night...

For new screamers, this is how it goes:

The idea is simple, we are all screaming different things on twitter and the chances are that most of it gets ignored. But if we all unite to tweet the same things, we have more power in making a difference and being noticed by others!

So what you need to do is ; You scream- I scream- we all scream the same thing!
1. Go to our members page and see the names of shops on the list, try to choose a few items from several shops and scream about them on your twitter with this added- #craftomania.
2. Then search for other results from #craftomania and re-tweet what others are tweeting, the more we tweet about each other the more we get heard.
( If you haven't joined our team yet, now is the time! join here)

And since we are from different places around the globe, while you are sleeping, someone else is twitting for you!

so lets get to it!

Example- " I scream- Beautiful__________by __________ +  URL       #craftomania  #etsy "

Please leave a comment at this forum thread we posted regarding the power of many joining together to help each other.

Don't forget to follow us on twitter, we promise to follow back :)




  1. very cool idea:) i don't have an etsy shop but i love all things etsy and will scream a bit tonight:)