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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Treasury East

Hi Friends!
I'm back from Berlin! it was amazing, and if you'll ever get the chance to go you will have the best time! It was a fun surprise from my dear mom, and we were three on this trip: mom, deer and I.

the volcano didn't want us to leave so we had to stay for a couple more days, but that was OK, we just had to have more shopping :) I bought the most amazing design books!!! but there is no place like home and I'm so happy to be back to my home.

and now that I'm back I was so happy to see that Treasury East is on! we added the link to the toolbar so use it wisely :)

I'm in the process of renewing the look of Craftomania, so there will be many changes very soon.
And that's way I'm very busy working on the new design for the blog.

love you guys!


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