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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We want you!

Hello Dear Craftomanians!
Our crafty community loves making treasuries, we want to make it easy to find you as a member of our community so we can all make treasuries with members of Craftomania.
so what you have to do is easy-
please make a few of your items tags- craftomania.
so whenever a craftomanian is making a treasury she can just type craftomania on the search box and find all of us :)

There are many member who are already doing so and it has been very helpful for us!

Go Craftomania!



  1. I'll start doing that with my new items! :) Just to let you know the little thing that pops up to notify you of this post doesn't actually direct you here. It only has http: in it :P I followed the craftomania button to get here :)

  2. thank you, we sent a new pop up :)
    see you soon on Craftomania search !

  3. I'll definitely start adding that - thanks for the idea!

  4. no problem! thanks for the opportunity - I am a treasury creator and often look for new shops - will look for the craftomania tag!

    JOYful D*Sign

  5. that's a great idea :)
    I'll do that!