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Monday, March 1, 2010

An Interview with this week's Give-away campaign seller Baby-to-go

Carmit Klein
Name of shop:
October 24th  1977 (32)
Location on the globe?
Are you married? Do you have any children?
Yes I'm married and I have two adorable daughters.
When did you open your shop?
December 2008
What is your Craft?
How long have you been practicing it?
Since I sewed my first dress doll at age 5 :)

 Baby-to-go Give-away

Sweet and Soft baby burp cloth Gift Set

*To win this see comments at the end.

Lefty or righty?
(Comments from Craftomania: Cool! :))
Favorite materials to work with?
Anything you can cut, sew, mold, reshape, paint etc..
Where/how do you get your Inspiration?
Most of my inspiration comes from fabric patterns or color. I also love getting my inspiration out of watching moms and babies and of course my two lovely girls Ariel & Renana.
First item sold?  When and what, share the story.. ( can be both at Etsy and outside)
The first item I sold was a set of 5 baby carriers, bought by a baby carrier instructor who loved them, saw the potential and bought them in order to sell on her own website.

Top 5 favorite sellers on Etsy?
Top 5 favorite items on Etsy (not yours)?

Pride and Joy

Copper horseshoe hoop earrings with personalization

Falling Leaves Digital Silhouette Print - 8x10


Robo-Bob a plush robot

What will you buy next on Etsy?

little repurposed leather clutch in olive and embossed brown

What advice would you give to a new artist Seller?
Don’t stop creating even though working on the computer is very time consuming.
Invest in friendships with other sellers, don’t keep knowledge for yourself always share it with others, enjoy it.
What is your favorite piece of work ? 

What do you like most about Craftomania toolbar?
There is a lot to love about Craftomania, but as for me I love the people who created it.
What would you add to Craftomania toolbar?
An Etsy team.
(Comments from Craftomania:
"We will put a Team on Etsy by the end of this month!  (Please imagine Kennedy's voice in your head :))
Dog person or cat person?
Definitely a dog person!
Got any Hobbies? 
My main hobby is my job. I love cooking, playing the guitar (something I definitely don’t do enough of).
Your favorite color?
Favorite Song?
Favorite Movie? 
Sound of music
(Comments from Craftomania: It's decided – We love you!)
Favorite Book? 
living loving & learning by Dr. Lio buskalia 
Favorite Season?
Favorite Day of week? 
Have any Pets?
Unfortunately no, would love to have my dog back to life…
(Comments from Craftomania: All dogs go to heaven.)
Favorite Scent? 
What is your Dream vacation?
Somewhere quiet and peaceful close to Mother Nature, vegetarian food, lots of time to read and spend some quality time with my family.I would also dream of a shopping spree vacation in New York or London.
Which curse word you abuse the most?
(Comments from the censor:  how did I miss that?)
What will God say to you when you meet him one day at the gates of Heaven?
Will not say a word! 
Just give me a worm, long and comforting hug.
Play a musical instrument? 
What are you addicted to?
Favorite beverage? 
Have any Tattoos (pics welcome)? 
Like to sing?
Loooooove to sing!!!
Turn offs? 
People coughing on you/bumping into you. Dirt.
(Comments from Craftomania: gesundheit !)
What would you do with a million dollars?
Pay my mortgage, invest in my husband business (physiotherapy clinic), redecorate my kitchen, buy a new car, build a studio for myself, visit my friends around the glob, take my parents out for a fancy  dinner and buy a lottery card (maybe I'll win another million dollars :D ).

How to win Baby-to-go's give-away:
*All members who will help spread the word of Craftomania Toolbar will participate in the raffle; the winner will be chosen from the list of comments below.
Ready. Set. Go!
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  1. Very nice interview and super nice items! :)
    ps. I already have the craftomania toolbar, and i really like it! and also the community alerts! that's where i found this blog today!

  2. fun interview!
    i added your page to my facebook favorite pages!


  3. Great interview!
    BabyToGo Has sch great iems!

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    I love BabyToGO very cool items!!!

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  6. Love this interview. These are such cute items. Thank you for sharing.
    p.s. made my first sale.

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    And I realy love the items :)


  8. Great interview!I love your stuffs, they are so nice!

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  10. Baby to go items are beautiful!!!
    The details, the colors, the elegance…
    Just perfect!!!
    And she is such a nice person...I loved the interview!

  11. It's so nice to know about the person behind the shop, especially such a great shop!

  12. What a good interview.
    Baby-to-go products make me want to have another baby.
    Love my toolbar and I'm going to add you to my facebook, Craftomania.

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    I love Craftomania, make my Etsy so simple

  15. Love your Baby-to-go items. As a grandmother, I'm always looking for new stuff. Thanks Craftomania for helping me find Baby to go.

  16. Cool.. I hearted her shop and the giveaway item..

    Also, my shop (http://djstoreroom.etsy.com) annoucement has a link back to craftomania..

    Lastly, the banner is up at my blog (http://djstoreroom.blogspot.com)

    The beautiful burpcloths sure will come in handy when my baby is due in August.. ::))