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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tips for the crafty woman

I have been working on some tips for crafty ladies who wishes to start selling their crafts on-line.
more tips and animations are soon to come.
for now you can watch the first 2 tips on our YouTube channel.
please spread it to your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email...

I am hoping to get back to what we have started before with the interviews soon, but at the moment I am working on redesigning all of the features of Craftomania.
soon there will be new icons and a all new look for the blog and of course more animations :)

so I am sending you all my love my dear crafty friends!



  1. Very cute videos :) Nice job!

    We miss you on twitter though!
    Everybody have wondered what happened to CTT !!! No SREAM days,NO treasuries...it's all been missed very much!!!

  2. Ho PettiBear I have missed you guys so much! I love all the things we do together! But I am thinking about you every day while I'm working on the new design.
    I promise to make a treasury and a scream day very very soon!
    Love ya!
    hugs and kisses :)